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Personalised Confetti Packets

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Personalised, eco 100% biodegradable and compostable confetti pouches and confetti.

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Our confetti pouches offer the eco-conscious bride a perfect combination of 100% biodegradable confetti and packaging. Professionally designed artwork, available with a choice of natural petal confetti. It's not rocket science, none of this 'slow falling, multiple fall rates' nonsense. Just beautifully packaged, natural petals for a perfect confetti shot.

Bags are not packed, petals are sent in an airtight bag to preserve their condition. If you would like your bags pre-packing there is a charge of 20p per bag, just tick the 'Pre-packed bags' box above. Petals will keep for 6-12 months if stored airtight in a cool, dark place out of direct sunlight. *Colour of bag splash is pink as standard. If no colour is chosen pink will be used.

“Beautiful, personalised packets and natural dried petal confetti”